Vintage inspired cabaret with a filthy contemporary twist

Bawdsville Cabaret was borne in 2011; the love-child of Unruly Scrumptious and her incestuous alter-egos.

With the name snatched from the belly of an unfinished musical, a handful of vaudevillian sketches and an ever-growing bunch of cabaret misfits, the Bawdsville journey began…

Resident Misfits

Unruly Scrumptious

Mistress of Bawdsville;
compere and keeper of many voices;
would be jester,
suffering fabulously from a cabaret multiple personality disorder;
the driving force of the good ship Bawdsville.

Ophelie Frenchkiss

Bijou sultry seductress,
the Mademoiselle of Bawdsville,
petite French clown, fire artist,
angle-grinding goddess, aerialist,
burlesque and circus performer.

Pi the Mime

An ethereal being floating above the echelons of time;
a mischievous traveller amongst the clouds,
mime artiste,
cabaret savant,
drag teller of boylesque stories

Miss Good Ness Gracious

Cabaret chameleon,
shape-shifter chanteuse of sing & fling,
burlesque clown.
This silly faced seductress is as cute as a button.
A button that refuses to stay done up.

Little Madame

The Higgs-Bosen of burlesque;
comedy entity,
twisted anomaly,
the honey badger of surreal sensual cabaret and the sum of all her wrong parts.

BAWDSVILLE: Light & Dark

Bawdsville has two creative strands to its cabaret; the light and the dark.

Should your taste be sequins, feathers and vintage satire Bawdsville can provide this with a twist.

And if you prefer your cabaret a little darker and with a touch of poison then your debauched needs will also be catered to.


Incorporates old vaudevillian, showgirl and jazz themes, based on musicals and homages to classic movies of a bygone age.

Bawdsville takes you backstage in showgirl dressing rooms, gives you musical spoofs and satirism all blended together in a delicious cocktail of kitsch.


Is carnival inspired and a violently passionate dissent into all that is gloriously malevolent and broken. Incorporating circus fire, horror, side-show, with dark twisted sketches, transformative burlesque and cabaret to inflict its dark bacchanalian pleasures.